26.11.2020 - 4G LTE long range control

A project log for VT-01 - robotic project

a Versatile robotic platform for various tasks.

nj1337nj1337 11/26/2020 at 16:380 Comments

Some news about my progress in the creation of this robot. I tested various technologies to control it remotely. At the moment, I'm working in Wifi, but it's not enough. I need to control it from a distance of more than 100m in a non open environment. 

I tested the nrf24L01+ with antenna but the range is not enough. I've tested the HC-12, but I can't send the video stream, the bitrate is not enough. It's the same for the LoRa RA-02 modules. But LoRa is really good. I think I would use it for other projects ;)

I tested the 4G LTE and it works well. The range is "infinite" from the moment we get the network. The video and the commands respond correctly. 

I had to rewrite part of the code in order to optimize it to handle a latency of 50ms on average. 

I also started to design the base for the tools. Currently, the first tool will be an automated insecticide bomb to destroy the wasp nests that invade my garden at the beginning of the summer.

Thank you for following this project !