Current Status

A project log for 3-Chip Z80 Design

Combining a Z80 retro design with a modern PSoC CPU. 10/15/2019 at 11:120 Comments

At this point everything that as initially targeted is working. 

The things which are not yet done are; CF card support and support for the MCP23017 I2C Port Expander. Also, no other build was tried.

Grant's code supports a Compact Flash (CF) card with hardware connections. Board has a header with 4 PSoC pins and Power/Ground. This could be connected to an SDHC or SD card and used in SPI mode. This would require understanding how Grant's code accesses the CF card.

The MCP23017 could emulate a PIO chip (at least to some degree). The only issue is that the PIO has support for handshake lines and the MCP23017 is just two 8-bit data ports. But the PSoC could easily do bit banging. Having some degree of emulation would be a useful goal but it might help to have some target application (BIOS)