New parts and current tasks

A project log for Bástya 2.0 (work in progress)

Our latest robot for telepresence and VR experiments.

BTomBTom 03/21/2021 at 10:262 Comments

We updated our part list with the additional components, refreshed the B6 profile part numbers.

Currently we are working on the extension of the chassis. We build two more level on the robot. 

The first one in the future will contains the lift mechanic. It will rise the eye height of the robot. But this isn't needed for the opencv competition so we will return to it later.

The second stage is where we put the electronics, and the OAK-D cameras. We will put the robot head on top of this satage. The new head will be in another project log. Approximately the top of the robot 1 meter above ground.

In previous weeks we received  the OAK-D cameras, Mikrotik routers, and the RPI boards. 

OAK-D cameras

The robot controller board is ready to be installed too. There will be more information about it later.

Essort robot contoller board

At last but not the least this is the first version of the data flow schematic of the robot. 

Bástya 2 - "Obelisk" data flow schematic


phil wrote 03/22/2021 at 17:35 point

I dig the diagrams! Thanks for the progress update, best of luck in Phase 2.

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BTom wrote 03/23/2021 at 13:08 point

Thanks for the feedback!

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