Lots of progress in the past month

A project log for Bástya 2.0 (work in progress)

Our latest robot for telepresence and VR experiments.

BTomBTom 07/31/2021 at 12:540 Comments

I try to catch up with the progress report. First the most impressive thing, finally the robot has glowing eyes (because everyone knows that robots have glowing eyes :) ). 

Jokes aside, we are finished with the installations of every cameras, and Raspberry Pi computers. The network is working too. There was some under voltage problem in the Pi, but we built in a powered USB hub for the OAK-D cameras, and it solved it.

Currently we have some separate program for the head, and chassis movement for easier testing.

With the depth map I'm trying to make it work smoothly with Niagara particle system, and only using the blueprints.

The object recognition working, there is a separate map for testing it in VR.

We found some problems while testing the robot:

- the suspensions in the current version are practically not existing. If the robot is on a flat ground it's works perfectly. But when we drive it on a bumpy surface the whole robot sakes. We are planning to redesign the suspension with tension springs.
- the main circuit board have some contact problem, probably caused by the shaking of the robot.
- we have to replace the small touch screen too at the back of the robot.

We are working on a presentation video about the robot, and some of the possible features. Not every feature is built in yet, but you will see it in the video probably at the next weekend. Currently there are no exhibitions where we can bring the robot, so we thought an interesting video will be more entreating for a bigger audience than a technical presentation about the features.