Tenacity gets a voice...

A project log for "Tenacity": Yet-Another-Sawppy-Project

Inspired by Roger and others, I'm making a SAWPPY-Alike rover, adding my own tweaks and mods.

steveSteve 01/07/2020 at 03:230 Comments

While I'm doing a lot of deep under-the-hood type stuff, I've noticed my little roving friend has been getting kind of antsy recently. Having tasted what it's like to rove and being stuck up on its crate over the holiday break, I've detected a distinct whiff of Grumpy Rover syndrome wafting about my hackspace of late. So, I've tried to appease my little friend with a means to express itself by adding a little USB speaker and it chose to quote one of my favorite movie bits back at me :)

Hang tight there buddy, you'll be back on your wheels in no time and roving better than ever.
(The more detailed update here is that I've been busy pretty much redoing the entire guts of the rover over the past month or so.  In an attempt to get it ROS-ready and move on to a PI or Jetson from the Arduino(s) that were driving it this summer/fall, it turns out a complete rewiring was needed. Things are almost done and there's much more space to install needed boards, sensors and widgets than before).