Quick Update #1

A project log for Micro-PID Module

This is a small PID Temperature controller, designed to be a drop-in module on a parent board.

zach-strohmZach Strohm 09/30/2019 at 23:570 Comments

Hey everyone, I finally have some hardware to start testing things on. I am using the ATtiny817 Xplained Mini evaluation board from Microchip. The ATtiny 817 has the same architecture and assembly language as the ATtiny 1617, just with 24 pins, instead of 14. This board has included programming, debugging, and a serial com port over micro USB.

I am hoping that this evaluation board will allow me to implement the system on it, before being uploaded to the Micro PID controller. You can check out the board here. As soon as I can get Atmel Studio to behave, I will try implementing a PID loop on the board.