Dual camera board for OV5674

A board for two Raspberry Pi cameras (OV5674) placed as close to each other as possible

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The two cameras are OV5674 of "P5V04A SUNNY" type. Can be found on the Raspberry Pi camera board. The cameras are placed as close together as it was possible to attain smallest stereo baseline.

The camera arrangement may be useful for:
- Making 3D photos of really small objects
- Fusion of data from both cameras in case when eg. one of them is RGB and the other is IR

The board is equipped with two 15-pin ribbon cable connectors, can be connected directly to eg. a carrier board with the CM3 module.

Both cameras are powered from the same LDO regulators, therefore when either of them is enabled so is the other one. +3v3 power rails from both ribbon connectors are directly connected.

Also both cameras share the same clock generator. This is important as it solves any issues with their synchronization.

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zontarian wrote 06/17/2020 at 16:01 point

Hi MatYay, I am confused about the small 24-pin connector on the PCB. 

Is it a receptacle or a header? I mean, I guess the connector on the PCB you have designed is it to be used with an existing camera sensor as taken from an official Raspberry CameraModule v1.3?

The confusion arises from the part number you have put in the BOM, that is DF30FC-24DP-0.4V, but reading from the Datasheets the *DP* string in the name seems to mean a header, narrower, while the receptacle is DF30FC-24DS-0.4V, whose footprint matches yours in the kicad. 

You can read my discussion here

and the DataSheet here

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MatYay wrote 09/28/2019 at 11:16 point

Yeah, you're right. But I'm not gonna use those cameras for stereo. Instead I want to fuse data from both of them together as if they were one. That's why they are that close.

But still the stereo baseline depends on scale. You can still use this setup to capture in stereo something that is small.

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Dan Maloney wrote 09/27/2019 at 15:56 point

I'm confused - wouldn't you want the cameras further apart for stereo use?

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