Further testing/add display/eliminated sbus inverter

A project log for F450 Drone Kit with ESP

This is an esp-idf project in progress with an ESP32 flight controller/receiver and esp8266 D1 mini transmitter 10/02/2019 at 15:470 Comments

----------- Log Entry (10-02-19) -------------

Managed to get rid of the SBUS inverter by switching to the second uart port (uart3 in cleanflight) on the CC3D (labelled flexiport instead of main port). Also have uart1 configured as configuration/msp port at 115,200 buad which I hope to use to send telemetry/blackbox data down to ground station transmitter. In cleanflight it looks like only one serial port can be configured serial rx at a time, when a configured both uart1 and uart3 to serial rx only uart1 was active. When uart1 was configured configuration/msp uart3 started working as serial rx which I configured to sbus.

Further communications testing looking very promising two way espnow between rx and tx and sbus to flight controller.

Added ssd1305 display to ground station transmitter for real time display of throttle, yaw, pitch and roll. I really dislike the cheap joysticks and am looking for replacement - I added the display to help me get used to the play on these controls, they have to be moved a lot off center before value changes at all and then it maxes out with very little further travel.