Pulling data from MPU6050

A project log for F450 Drone Kit with ESP

This is an esp-idf project in progress with an ESP32 flight controller/receiver and esp8266 D1 mini transmitter 10/04/2019 at 21:590 Comments

----------- Log Entry (10-04-19) -------------

Got done building and testing a 50msec loop in the esp32 flight controller that reads three axes of acceleration data, from a mpu6050, and filters it through a 4 pole butterworth. Also wrote an acceleration calibration subroutine. Tried several different cut-off frequencies, 0.25, 1, 4 and 10 Hz. The output displays roll and pitch in degrees and the z-axis gravity. Just sitting on my desk running the 1Hz filter pitch and roll outputs were always within +/-0.2degrees and z-axis from 0.9994-1.005g. Tilting board 45 degrees gave me 45 degrees roll or pitch and .707g z-axis. 1Hz filter was steadier than the 4 or 10Hz filters and the 0.25Hz just felt a little too slow.

Started work on 20msec loop that will read 1KHz gyroscope outputs and process that data trough the integrators and PID that will eventually supply the motor outputs, the ESCs that came with my kit only take servo inputs so I will eventually have to deal with that. 

My daughter and I have kit mostly all built up to the point where we need to start doing some soldering. Added a DC-DC converter to supply esp32 and CC3D.