Massive Progress: New Display System

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A work-in-progress pair of discreet Smart glasses

Jacob MacLeodJacob MacLeod 10/04/2019 at 13:460 Comments

I was thinking about how to improve the display of my glasses, and I think I had found a good way. I simplified the current system, while solving the problems of the screen being had to focus on and it being blurry. They look a bit funny, but not too bad, especially if you wear a hood.

I remembered some 'spy glasses' that I had used when I was younger that had a mirror, allowing you to see things behind you. That gave me the idea.

Basically, the screen is at an angle on the side of the user's head so it takes up less space.  It is then reflected with reflective lens (a.k.a a mirror) into the user's eye. 

This solution works well, if you casually look at it, it is a little blurry, but when you properly focus on it, it is 100 percent clear. 

I did have to remove the lens of the glasses, because they were 3d glasses that did odd things screens.

Here is a picture of the glasses without the mirror(sorry it is not in focus):

And here is a picture of the screen (Again without the mirror)

Finally, here is a picture of what the user sees with the mirror (it looks much better in person)

I want to build a better prototype now and glue the mirror in place, as well as using better glasses and slightly moving the screen.

That means I need to buy a new screen(because I have been using my brother's screen, and I need to glue it into place) and a new mirror that I can cut to shape. While I sort that out, I need to work on the input system. I'll probably start using the Raspberry Pi Zero W with it, so I can use some sort of virtual assistant, as well as a physical input system. I am already working on an HTML based virtual assistant, so I'll develop that further, but tell me if you want me to post a log of it on

Until then though, mission accomplished!