Screen Arrived

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A work-in-progress pair of discreet Smart glasses

Jacob MacLeodJacob MacLeod 10/24/2019 at 11:160 Comments


So I just finished the last log, where I talked about how the screen was yet to come.

I put the phone down(I typed it on the phone instead of the computer as I couldn’t be bothered to get the computer out) and posted the log. I hear items being pushed through the letter box. I go to the door and see two packages. I open them.

Here is a picture of what they contained:

On the left, you can see the screen, which I had just posted a log about. On the right, you can see an adapter to program an Arduino I am using.

Here are a few more pictures showing the size of the screen:

So now I have the screen, I need to use it with the raspberry pi and glue it onto the glasses, as well as a few mirrors.

Anyway, that’s all I needed to say for now, so bye!