The screen is working!

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An experimental pair of discreet Smart glasses

Jacob MacLeodJacob MacLeod 01/03/2020 at 18:000 Comments

Hi, and Happy New Year!

In the last post I talked about a 0.91” screen I wanted to use for the glasses. It came a few days ago, and it is tiny

It is a perfect size for the glasses, which is brilliant.

My first challenge was to find a library to program the display from the Arduino. That was easy enough - it uses the SSD1306 driver, which I already had a library for. 

The next challenge was to solder wires to the display. In the past, I have found it hard to solder wires to this type of display - one time I accidentally broke the display by leaving my soldering iron on it for too long!

However, it was surprisingly easy this time. I took a picture then wrapped the wires in sellotape to insulate them.

Once this was done, I tested it with the glasses to try to get an angle where you could clearly see the glasses. I found a good place to put them, so I think that means I have finally found a screen I can use!

The next step is to build a prototype pair of glasses with this display. I’ll let you know in the last post how I did!