Wifi control of GE Color Choice Christmas Lights

Replace the existing control box for these lights so that they can be wirelessly controlled.

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My goal here is to allow synchronization of multiple strings of Christmas lights by doing away with the standard control box method (push button to change the modes) and building my own.

Still very much in the research and planning phase! Please help with ideas. I'm a doctor, not an EE, darnit! :)

Photos show the current disassembled controller.

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dave wrote 07/21/2021 at 19:05 point

Should anyone else stumble across this older project idea (found it today as similar to the "Remote Chef" in today's email newsletter), please note that partially obscured at the top of the circuit board there is a label "ACIN" -- presumably indicating USA/NA line-level (120VAC). A little disconcerting, too, how they found they needed another resettable fuse after designing the board and sort of have it floating in mid-air with a diode! Wonder what else they missed. This would not be a particularly safe beginner project! Certainly doable, though. Safest might be to desolder the pushbutton and replace it with wires going to a relay to be controlled by the ESP32 or whatever.

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stefan.schnitzer wrote 10/03/2019 at 10:41 point

You could use something like an ESP32 to run a little web server.

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