uGlass and Maker Faire. How it was

A project log for uGlass: an AR module on your glasses

In this project we try to build a cheap AR module that you can use with your regular glasses.

ultimate-roboticsUltimate Robotics 10/24/2019 at 22:150 Comments

The story behind the creation of uGlass is quite simple. A few months ago, at a team meeting, we talked about how it would be cool to make AR glasses and a couple of weeks later we made the first prototype from available components.

The day before leaving for Maker Faire was very intense and practically sleepless. Arriving in Italy, we realized that the prototype of uGlass needs to be resoldered, and half of the code written from scratch for demo. For two days, Kseniia and Lucy were looking for a makerspace to solder uGlass, but in the end found nothing appropriate, so they miraculously managed to buy a soldering iron. Very simple soldering iron.

The day before the start of the exhibition, we came to inspect our booth and discuss readiness. While Dima was completing the code, Kseniia had already plugged in the soldering iron and began to solder and glue together the uGlass. I would really like to show you this process in photos, because it is very mesmerizing and often remains behind the scenes of our prototype development.

On the first day of exhibition, Kseniia carefully glued all the components to the glasses, and Dmitry set the markers on the uGlass: locations in our hall, coordinates of Kyiv and display of his heartbeat using the data from the uECG device. We want our devices to transmit information to each other to work better.

But when people at the exhibition began to try on glasses, we found out that the field of view was too narrow and dependent on glass position, so many simply did not see anything. Also the round lens stuck too far and often came into contact with the eye. We were disappointed, because it was difficult to fix and needed a different lens. So we tried not to focus on uGlass, but only talk about the how the image is shown.

Despite the fact that the first prototype of uGlass was very hard to use, many people at the exhibition were interested in it and tried to put on glasses and see something. Also, your interest in this project motivates us to finally take it up thoughtfully. And your comments and questions will support us and not give up!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many photos with someone wearing uGlass, except for the one where Dmitry and I exchanged glasses. But it only shows that Dmitry looks good in my glasses ...

Thanks for your attention! We will be in touch.