Happy New Year from uGlass!

A project log for uGlass: an AR module on your glasses

In this project we try to build a cheap AR module that you can use with your regular glasses.

lucy-sohryuLucy Sohryu 12/31/2019 at 23:460 Comments

Hello, and Happy New Year - it's already been 2020 for a couple of hours over here! 

We've been sparse with updates about uGlass (no new logs since early November, sheesh) - have been very busy with uECG to work on other projects properly. But we did make a lens angle simulator app to play around with and hopefully devise and build a better optics arrangement for the next version. And, we probably need a Fresnel lens. More on this soon, in the next year's update!

Here's hoping that the new year brings change, prosperity and inspiration - to everyone, whoever you are! 

Wishing you a (belated) Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2020! 

We'll be in touch!