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A project log for Simple Cycloidal Robot Leg for Quadruped

Triple Cycloidal Brushless Actuator 25:1 Ratio

paul-gouldPaul Gould 11/14/2019 at 15:460 Comments

I printed one at 95% infill and it is holding up ok so far. But before I print another four legs I wanted to make sure I made the first leg as strong as possible (with my cheap 3D printer).

3D printed plastic is better under compression than tension.

As the gearbox outer housing will be under tension, I wanted to preload the housing.

Things I looked at

I decided on making grooves on the outside and putting yellow braided zero-stretch fishing line.

As I didn't want the line to split though the 3D printed layers, I coiled the groves on a ~5deg coil angle.

The line is tighten by twisting the line. May try two lines per groove.

I will also try multi-strand nylon stainless lure line.

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