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A project log for Portable Espresso machine

Final year project for Uni.

Yunseong HongYunseong Hong 12/16/2019 at 15:080 Comments

16th Dec. 2019

I have been sicked and also need it to focus on several different uni assignments.

So, I couldn't work on the project for a while.


- Working on CAD Modelling for the Espresso machine frame

    The USS Enterprise modelling was semi-completed last week, however, the design was complicated and also requires more than 80 cm big to fit in all the components into it. Therefore, I am working on new design based on Wallace and Gromit space ship. Due to the safety issues, the Uni might not allow putting a pump and a thermometer into the frame but I am still trying to make my design possible to combined.

- Staring to think about the structure and code for the Arduino circuit and program.

   To address the high voltage (220v) used in espresso machine, the relay circuit seems to be required.

   For the Safety issue, I am planning to discuss my project with Uni. technician

- Disassembly was finally done this week

   The inner structure was not that complicated so it took me about one hour to disassemble it.

- 3D printing is planning to be done this week