17th Dec. 2019

A project log for Portable Espresso machine

Final year project for Uni.

Yunseong HongYunseong Hong 12/17/2019 at 21:550 Comments

17th Dec. 2019

- The group head part was cut out from the original frame of the coffee machine and sanded. Also, the group head was possible to disassembled into three parts. Now it will be more easy to 3D model the group head part later.

- The new CAD prototype is now being printed out from the Uni. workplace. However, due to the 10 hours limitation of printing time in the workplace, I have ask to print the bottom part of the design with 70% of the scale. Now, I got a confirmation email which allows to use the 3D printer more than 10 hours limit for my project so I am going to print the prototype tomorrow again.