Rack-Pinion Dremel like tool Workstation

A dremel like tool workstation with a tool organizer, changeable head for other tools, based on rack and pinion system.

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This project has the aim to show that it is possible for us to make our own tools if we want and overall if we need it. This time, I would want to make a workstation or drill column but for a dremel or proxxon like multitools. Not only I want this thing, I want to make it also.

This workstation also has the ability to change the tool-head for other tools. Also has a tools organizer and it is based on a rack-pinion system. This thing really works so I must to say I am really happy with that.
At the moment of write this story, it is a work in progress project yet but it has an advanced stage. I have finished and 3D printed most parts now and I am testing the main features.
Here you can see some pictures and If you want you can found more information in my personal twitter account @BrainCodec:

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