Ultra high power and long range, ultimate IR blaster with ESP8266 controller and Osram Oslon(R) IR emitter

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Ultra high power and long range ultimate IR blaster with ESP8266 controller and Osram Oslon(R) 150° IR emitter


  • Ultra long range at any angle when used as a universal remote. It works even behind the closets
  • Osram Oslon(R) Black SFH4726S 3.4 W 940 nm IR emitter with radiation angle of 150°
  • ESP8266 controller (ESP-03 module updated with 1 MB flash) for compatibility with Tasmota, OpenMQTTGateway etc.
  • LDO regulator with fast transient response permits stable operation and IR radiant intensity regulation with a trimmer
  • Expansion slot with two additional GPIOs that can be used with daughter micro cards for an IR receiver and/or any other I/O function supported by ESP8266's firmware
  • Integrated 8.3 W power supply (Meanwell)
  • Very small: it is simply a power plug box with a transparent cap for IR emission


x-zip-compressed - 7.09 MB - 10/02/2019 at 13:19



Top cover for plug box

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 170.59 kB - 10/02/2019 at 13:12



Board Schematic

Adobe Portable Document Format - 31.38 kB - 10/02/2019 at 13:11


PCB images and gerber files

x-zip-compressed - 103.36 kB - 10/02/2019 at 13:09


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    Step 1

    To calibrate the IRShine you must move trimmer R3 to obtain a voltage of 2.82 V at IR emitter anode (PCB pad marked "A") before to connect the Oslon emitter. An overdrive can be tried but with caution to avoid emitter's damages.

    The pinout of expansion slot P1 is:

    • 1: GND
    • 2: GND
    • 3: ESP8266 GPIO0 - connect to GND (pin 2) to flash the firmware
    • 4: ESP8266 GPIO13
    • 5: ESP8266 GPIO12
    • 6: +3.3V
    • 7: ESP8266 RXD
    • 8: ESP8266 TXD

    To flash a firmware of your choice you must unplug the IRShine from the power outlet, open the solder joints R9 and R10, short the GPIO0 input to GND, connect an external FTDI programmer to the expansion slot P1 (GND, +3.3V, TXD and RXD) and flash the firmware.

    Remember that the IR power emitter is controlled by ESP8266 GPIO14

    When the firmware is flashed you can remove the FTDI programmer, close the solder joints R9 and R10 and plug the IRShine into the power outlet.

    To mount the top cover you must drill three additional holes to the plug box. To mount the PCB you must use three self tapping screws M2x7 and three M2x16 to connect the top cover to the plug box.

    Bill of materials:

    • U1 - MPM-10-3.3 (Meanwell) Mouser: 709-MPM10-3.3
    • U2 - ESP8266 module ESP-03 1MB flash Aliexpress
    • U3 - LT1764EQ#PBF (Linear) Mouser: 584-LT1764EQ#PBF
    • Q1 - DMG6968U-7 (Diodes Inc) Mouser: 621-DMG6968U-7
    • R1 - 4.7K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R2 - 3.3K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R3 - 20K Trimmer (Bourns) Mouser: 81-PV36W203C01B00
    • R4 - 100K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R5 - 10K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R6 - 10K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R7 - 10K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R8 - 10K 1% 1/8W package 0805
    • R9 - solder joint jumper
    • R10 - solder joint jumper
    • C1 - 0.1uF X7R package 0805 Mouser: 710-885012207098
    • C2 - 0.1uF X7R package 0805 Mouser: 710-885012207098
    • C3 - 100uF 16V (Panasonic OS-CON) Mouser: 667-16SEPC100MW
    • C4 - 100uF 10V Tantalum (AVX) Mouser: 581-TAJD107K010
    • IR Power LED emitter 940nm: Osram Oslon SFH4726S Mouser: 416-LST101F09IR0300
    • P1 - Header 2.54mm 8 pins
    • Plug Box - Conrad Item no.: 1588641
    • Top cover for plug box - customized, transparent, 3D printed (see STL file)

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iacot1 wrote 10/20/2019 at 09:22 point

I have added the complete project of a daughter card that further expands the capabilities of IRShine by adding a universal IR receiver and an optional temperature sensor

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Mike Szczys wrote 10/07/2019 at 22:17 point

I'm curious, what kind of distance are we talking with this one? Do you have an application in mind for the long distance IR or is kind of a mega-TV-b-Gone situation? (like Times Square b Gone )

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iacot1 wrote 10/08/2019 at 16:51 point

At my home i can control my heat recover fan at lounge from bathroom (about 12 meters of distance). You can view a video of an IR shoot taken by my Samsung old S6 phone at:
The emission angle is 150° and the power of the led emitter is spreaded in a vaste area, so, pratically, when is placed in any room, it can control every kind of appliance independently of room size and/or position (behind the corners or not). It's a kind of "brute force" controller. To estimate the volume covered you can see a plot of radiation area from SFH4726S datasheet. The application is limited only by fantasy.

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