VME Backplane Voltages

A project log for A 68000 based VME SBC with OS/9

I'm trying to resurrect a 1990's Greenspring VME SBC based on the MC68000, with OS/9 roms.

JrsphotoJrsphoto 10/07/2019 at 05:130 Comments

   I picked up a VME backplane recently,  not exactly necessary to power up the card but it will make things much easier.  It will also allow me to add other cards, like a SCSI controller or VGA graphics controller.  I'll likely make a cage around the backplane using 2020 extrusions and 3D print the card guides.

   The one issue with this backplane is the rather non-standard power supply connection.  This backplane was designed for use with a 3U Eurocard sized power supply, which would have had a mating connector and supplied power to the entire VME bus.  I think I've got the pins mapped out to the proper voltages but I need to try find the pinouts of this connector before I actually power things up.   

   The power supply I will be using with this is a Power-One MAP80-4010.  This switch mode psu outputs +5V @ 14A, -5V @ 1A, +12v @ 4A, and -12v @ 3A.  Should be perfect for a small system with maybe 3 boards.

   As always, if your reading this page and have information about the CPU board or this backplane, please let me know.