Mac(intosh) mini

Just a linux-console, in fact.

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stl-binary - 660.51 kB - 10/03/2019 at 15:45


  • 1 × Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H3) H5 ver. might work too.
  • 1 × 2.4inch SPI Display (ili9341, 320x240, with flat cable)
  • 2 × Generic micro-USB Breakout Board
  • 2 × 10mm x 5mm Ring Magnet
  • 16 × 8mm M2 Self-Tapping Screw

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  • [UPDATE] Fixed a lot of bugs

    likeablob10/12/2019 at 06:04 0 comments

    The codes have been updated with a lot of bugs fixed.

    Basically I've overhauled the setup instruction and it's now reproducible with a fresh-installed Armbian Bionic 5.90. (I believe.)

    I've also added some information about enabling the on-board Audio output.

    Well, Since it's almost automatically configured by pulseaudio, what we have to do is:

    # Enable `analog-codec` overlay
    $ sudo armbian-config # [System - Hardware] or sudo vi /boot/armbianEnv.txt
    # Create the simple ALSA config
    $ cat - | sudo tee /etc/asound.conf
    pcm.!default {
       type hw
       card 0 
    ctl.!default {
       type hw
       card 0 
    # Ctrl + D
    # Install pulseaudio (the daemon will be launched automatically when Xorg starts )
    $ sudo apt install pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils pavucontrol
    # Configure the audio settings as you like
    $ DISPLAY=:1 pavucontrol # Launch pavucontrol in a VNC display at :1.
    $ alsamixer

  • [UPDATE] Have uploaded the .scad files, setup scripts and etc.

    likeablob10/06/2019 at 05:13 0 comments

    Finally the .scad files, setup script and some instructions have been released on the GitHub repo.

    Still the codes are kinda messy and untested. I'll make time to refactor them.

    BTW, in this project, tightvncserver and ssvncviewer are used to upscale the low-res LCD (320x240).

    For example

    1.  Launch tightvncserver to create a virtual display (512x384) at DISPLAY=:1 (:5901).
    2.  Launch minivmac in DISPLAY:1.
    3.  Then connect to localhost:5901 from ssvncviewer in DISPLAY:0 with the `-scale 0.625`  option.

    It would be better if we have an OPi alternative to rpi-fbcp for RPi. Any ideas?

    [Edit1: Fix typo]

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Jacob MacLeod wrote 10/09/2019 at 14:27 point

Nice! It looks so small compared to the keyboard in the picture!

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likeablob wrote 10/11/2019 at 14:39 point

@Jacob MacLeod  Thank you! It's roughly a one-fourth scale model of original Macintosh Plus.

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Mike Szczys wrote 10/07/2019 at 22:13 point

Nice soldering on the FPC connector. I specialize in bridging all the connections when I've tried that. Love the project!

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likeablob wrote 10/09/2019 at 14:19 point

@Mike Szczys  Thanks! I graduated the same course. May the Flux be with you! 😆

Well, I admit that's the ugliest part of this PJ. It would be better to have a small PCB to convert the FPC to wires.

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likeablob wrote 10/04/2019 at 14:50 point

@davedarko  @Dan Maloney  Thanks! I'll publish the .scad files, codes, instructions soon.

(Well,  totally forgot to add something to indicate its scale... Yeah, Tiny is right!

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davedarko wrote 10/03/2019 at 18:39 point


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Dan Maloney wrote 10/03/2019 at 16:21 point

Tiny is right - the USB plug really gives it some scale. Nice work!

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