[UPDATE] Have uploaded the .scad files, setup scripts and etc.

A project log for Mac(intosh) mini

Just a linux-console, in fact.

likeabloblikeablob 10/06/2019 at 05:130 Comments

Finally the .scad files, setup script and some instructions have been released on the GitHub repo.

Still the codes are kinda messy and untested. I'll make time to refactor them.

BTW, in this project, tightvncserver and ssvncviewer are used to upscale the low-res LCD (320x240).

For example

  1.  Launch tightvncserver to create a virtual display (512x384) at DISPLAY=:1 (:5901).
  2.  Launch minivmac in DISPLAY:1.
  3.  Then connect to localhost:5901 from ssvncviewer in DISPLAY:0 with the `-scale 0.625`  option.

It would be better if we have an OPi alternative to rpi-fbcp for RPi. Any ideas?

[Edit1: Fix typo]