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Super Simple Soil Microbial Fuel Cell

williamolyolsonwilliamolyolson 10/13/2019 at 18:280 Comments

Yesterday no.10s output fluctuated a bit, hitting 237mv mid-day then it was at 239mv by 10:30pm.  This morning at 9:14am it was at 245mv, 3mv over yesterday's high, and at 11am it was at 247mv 0.88ma.  We're slowly gaining day over day.  It's still a little erratic in its behavior(what conditions trigger output changes), but the output is otherwise very stable, so I'm guessing it just needs a little more time to stabilize and grow.  

No.9 is rock solid as usual, and it just passed TWO months of continuous discharge, with ZERO signs of fatigue or fuel depletion.