Turning the heat down.

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Super Simple Soil Microbial Fuel Cell

williamolyolsonwilliamolyolson 10/17/2019 at 16:410 Comments

Well the last few days have been less than extraordinary.  Cell no.10 reached 263mv 0.94ma at 3pm on the 15th.  Since then the ambient temps have stabilized and so has the output, in the mid 250s.  I'm trying to get this cell to develop a kind of circadian rythem, so I guess it's time to wean it from the incubator and let nature take over.

The fish tank heater in my water reservoir has been turned down about 10degF.  The current res. temp. is about 28degC.  I'll monitor the cell and report any significant developments, then tomorrow the heater will go down some more.  If I cannot get it to respond to temp changes reliably then I will have to call this cell a failure.  Though I will likely keep it around for a while and see what becomes of it. 

One of the goals here is to develop a repeatable procedure for building these things in a timely manner.  So I guess as far as that goes I'm way off track already, lol.  I guess I should start hacking together cell no.11.