Built first card

A project log for Not Quite Useless Raspberry Pi Replacement

Make a Raspberry Pi replacement using a Cypress Semiconductor Programmable System on a Chip (PSOC 5) 10/16/2019 at 11:100 Comments

I built up the first card.

Downloaded a PSoC file which blinks the on-board LED. It worked.

Board is running a USBUART program which loops back USB data and I was able to type on the keyboard and get it to come back to the Host PC.

Testing Direct I/O

Normally I use Control Registers for LEDs but I'm messing around with direct access to the pins from the CPU. I tried direct access and it worked, too. I can now the Raspberry Pi GPIO pin high/low and it works. I had to set the drive mode for the pins to strong outputs and it worked. It might be better to have a separate function for ins/out rather than using the same function that sets the value to always set the drive mode but for blinking a bunch of LEDs it's no big deal.