Testing with Land Boards Card RPP-UIO-16

A project log for Not Quite Useless Raspberry Pi Replacement

Make a Raspberry Pi replacement using a Cypress Semiconductor Programmable System on a Chip (PSOC 5) 10/17/2019 at 11:320 Comments

I've got a Raspberry Pi Hat (board) which is an I/O card for the Raspberry Pi, the RPP-UIO-16. It has 16-bits of I/O translators on it as well as connections to all of the GPIO pins on the 40-pin connector. The hat is the standard form factor as other hats and happens to match the RPI_PSOC5 card.

I hooked up jumpers to take the 3.3V side of the translators to 16 of the GPIO lines from the Raspberry Pi connector. I hooked up 16 LEDs to these 5V signal level lines. I also hooked up LEDs to the other pins and ran code to bounce light across each of the LEDs. This showed that the RPP_PSOC5 can set all of the lines properly.

The code has been written to use the BCM pin names. On the GPIO connector, these are: