This is to announce v2.0.
Major changes, are use of a single eeprom and crystal.
Improved programming / commenting.
More videos of TWO black boxes operating together using the clock sync feature(new in 2.0)
-future input of accelerometer, theremin, and piano interface. Plus other input methods.
-each prop communicates at 250Kbps using the "fullduplexserial" object.

-Live fx mode to allow direct output of the current waveform set by 12 different potentiometers.
-The sequencer allows the fx to be loaded into any one of 32 steps in the sequencer.
- SPDIF audio output or analog output via a switch (not both at the same time)
- analog output to a monitor(at the same time as spdif/analog output above (headphones or studio speakers) to allow auditioning before outputting live.
- 3 encoders that allow - BPM, main volume, and BPM jumps(1/3, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 2/3) and a switch for jump direction. (main volume and bpm jump programming not complete yet)
- BlackBox to BlackBox CLOCK sync, input rca, output rca.(serial @ 150Kbps, works over 1 foot rca cable) (this is so many of these devices can be connected to one main BEAT CLOCK MASTER.)
- 32 LEDS are used as sequencer step indication, ALONG with using the 32 LEDS as buttons to load waveform
- 2 leds that start/stop the sequencer and live fx waveform.
- fully open source that uses the HSS code to generate the audio.

Schematic: See attachment BlackBoxV2.pdf

Block Diagram: See attachment BBv2Block.pdf
- AudioSequencer(U1) prop uses all 8 cogs and has 18 I/O free.
- PotReader(U2) prop uses all 8 cogs and has 6 I/O free.
- LedReader16(U3) prop uses 5 cogs and has 8 I/O free.
- LeadReader32(U4) prop uses 5 cogs and has 4 I/O free.

Source Code: See attachment fully commented.

YoutTube video:
Video demonstration of two black boxes, one controlling the other using the clockin/clockout located on prop U4. v2.0