EMG is something we started from a few years ago, and it's a relatively simple signal you can measure easily - even using an ECG device with a different algo. However, using several uECGs was a quite bulky setup, and to streamline, we made uEMG.

It looks like something from our other project, Skulljack (a contactless EEG device), and shares the basic shape and some components with it - however, uEMG has just four channels instead of 8, and works with generic wet electrodes. It's based around an MCP3912 and an AD8608 opamp for analog signal measurement, and an nRF52832 SoC for signal processing, RF and Bluetooth. 

Currently, we're writing firmware for uEMG and hope to test it at MakerFaire Rome - one idea was to use it for gesture recognition, but also investigate other uses as we work on it.