• Inputs configurations done

    AccidentalRebel10/22/2019 at 13:38 0 comments

    I was able to build two different input configurations on a breadboard.

    One was using a potentiometer as an input for a knob movement, and the other one are just plain buttons.

    It took me awhile to research and understand how I will be dealing with multiple button inputs as the ATTiny85 has limited input pins. The answer is using a resistor ladder to an ADC pin.

    I'll talk more about these at length in my upcoming update video.

  • Video update: Part 2

    AccidentalRebel10/11/2019 at 04:16 4 comments

    In this video I discuss my plans on how to make a handheld game console with detachable and swappable controls. Also included is a video of me making the 3D models.

  • Resistor ladders for input detection

    AccidentalRebel10/10/2019 at 22:30 0 comments

    Working on button inputs. Learning about resistor ladders so I can accept input into one ADC pin of the ATTiny85.

  • Cleaned up the wirings

    AccidentalRebel10/10/2019 at 03:03 0 comments

    Cleaned up the wirings as the jumper wires keep getting loose.Note: Posted using the Hackaday.io app. Trying it out.

  • Planning the design through sketches and 3d models

    AccidentalRebel10/10/2019 at 02:49 0 comments

    Even since I came up with the idea of a modular setup for my project my head has been buzzing with ideas on how I would build it and how I would like it to look like. I decided that I should draw my plans on paper for my sanity.

    As you could see, the whole design is simple. All I did was separate the controls part of the system. The tricky part is having the ATTiny distinguish and interface with different controller configurations but I'm confident that it can be solved.

    I'm also worried about the position of the CR2032 which I've placed on the back of the main module. I should find a way to secure this back part in place so it doesn't wobble when connected with the controller module.

    Feeling inspired I went ahead and made a 3D model of the project using Tinkercad, my program of choice for quick 3d model prototyping.

    I've also prototyped my ideas for various controller configurations. Right now I have 3 different kinds of inputs in mind:

    • Button
    • Potentiometer knob
    • Thumb joystick

    The hope is that others should be able to easily design their own controller modules if they want.

    Thoughts, comments, and suggestions are welcome!

  • Testing the SSD1306 display

    AccidentalRebel10/08/2019 at 11:47 0 comments

    The very first thing I worked on was making sure that I could display graphics onto my SSD1306 display. Watch the video below for the step by step process that I took.

    Note that I did not think of the modular controls idea yet when I made this video. I'll be talking more about the modular idea on the next video.