For several applications it would be great to have an affordable way to drive an RGB LED strip by DMX. This project aims to create a single board device capable of delivering up to 6A per channel to an RGB strip and control it's lighting through DMX.

The project will use an ATMEGA328 as the brains, receiving the DMX data through a MAX485 chip, reading the relevant data starting from the set DMX channel (DIP-switch) and drive three NPN power transistors with PWM to set the LED strip color.

The development of this board will go through the following phases:


First a breadboard prototype will be developed and tested. The requirements for this prototype are:

  • Control a single RGB LED (or short piece of RGB LED strip) by DMX
  • DMX channel selection by DIP-switch


After a working breadboard-version has been developed we'll transfer the design to an experiment circuit board and be tested in practical situations.


If the prototype lives up to the required standard a PCB will be designed and developed to more easily recreate, share and possibly sell the product.