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richard-audetteRichard Audette 10/14/2019 at 13:390 Comments

Following a suggestion from user Gerben, I looked for a way to isolate the camera from vibrations while riding.

A quick search DIY camera vibration isolator seemed to find many were building wire rope isolators:
DIY: Build Your Own Anti-Vibration Camera Drone Mount for Only $10!
DIY Wire Rope Vibration Isolator for RC CAR Camera Mount ( Part 1)

I built an isolator with some wire and plywood, and mounted it along with the Pi to my bike:

I didn't tune it, I'll have to look into how to matching the springiness of the wire by tweaking the length against the weight of the Pi.  But it wasn't enough - I think a faster camera is still required.  Here are some sample photos from my bike, with the Pi mounted on the isolator:

Photo isn't clear enough to make the the writing on the green sign, or the plates on that car:

Photo is clear enough to make out objects that aren't in motion - Finch Ave., Soban cafe.  But not the cars in motion.

Although there are no plates in this picture, you can see that you can't make out the street name.

I may try to "tune" the isolator, but I think either way, I need a better camera sensor.