Marblevator, Magnetic Tracks

A magnetic track connector update of my original Marblevator design.

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My original reason for purchasing a 3D printer was to create marble machines. My first marble machine, the Marblevator, was published over six years ago. Since then, I've designed, 3D printed and assembled a number of marble machines using Autodesk Fusion360 and determined it was about time to update the original Marblevator using Fusion360 to feature a wider staircase, base and tracks to allow the use of actual glass marbles (12mm), and neodymium magnets at each track section end for easier, snap together track assembly.

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Dan Maloney wrote 10/15/2019 at 16:53 point

It looks like the vertical track supports are adjustable. True?

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Greg Zumwalt wrote 10/15/2019 at 17:04 point

Hi Dan!

Yes, they are adjustable.  

The "tower" component teeth are spaced at 2mm, as well as the "arm" component teeth, and the two simply snap together, providing a minimum of 2mm adjustment of  the overall tower height.  I included three tower and arm components in the design of different heights allowing long tracks to return to the lowest step on the Marblevator.

The "Base" component also has 2mm teeth spacing, but is not adjustable, it simply snaps into place in the opening of the tower component.


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