ModbusRTU, lora 12km (real distance)

This my project test distance lora in case face to face, Unexpected results, reach 11.6km

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The results of this project mainly come from the good quality of the equipment, the distance we achieved is because the lora module works well. I just integrated the modbus and lora into a PCB and then ran the test.The components include:-ESP32-LORA EBYTE E32 915T30D-Modbus RTU (max485, 74hc14D ...)-Power (LM2596, inductor, bridge mb6s, cap, res, fillter ...)-Auto upload code (Cp2102, c1815, micro usb ...)I have broadcast a packet containing 30 bytes with a transmit power of 30dbm, a speed of 0.3kbps. The distance I achieved was 11.6km. I couldn't move further because of space constraints. I think the best distance it can reach is over 15km.We can use frequency between 410 ~ 441MHz, 900 ~ 931MHz, 862 ~ 893MHz by changing the module

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kurtklingbeil wrote 10/20/2020 at 05:12 point

very impressive

I'm trying to get modbus running via lora on an adafruit feather M0 with an RF95 I think radio

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Dan Maloney wrote 10/15/2019 at 16:50 point

Even across open water like that, the range is pretty impressive.

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