Hello World!

A project log for Suite-16

Suite-16 is a 16-bit cpu built entirely from TTL. It is a personal exploration of how hardware and software interact.

monsonitemonsonite 10/19/2019 at 14:420 Comments

Tradition states that the first thing you get a new computer to do is print out the exclamation "Hello World!"

To reach this point you need to have most of your cpu (or simulator) working, including correct instruction decoding, memory access, various addressing modes, conditional branching and some means to examine the contents of the registers.

I'm pleased to say that after a few days work of defining the instruction set, writing a simulator, an assembly tool and general documentation, Suite-16 has uttered it's first exclamation.

        0x1100,     // SET R1, 0x06
        0x4100,     // LD R0, @R1
        0xE100,     // INC R1
        0x0103,     // BNZ 03
        0x0000,     // BRA 00
        ' ',

The final 0x0000 at the end of the string when loaded into the accumulator will cause the BNZ to be ignored and so the program loops back to the beginning with the BRA 00 instruction.