SHIHEN is a device which colors your everyday (a bit).
Have a glimpse of your favorite poems, quotes or scenes of a movie.

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(In fast-forward mode. Note that the GIF is played at x8 speed.)

SHIHEN is a device which colors your everyday (a bit).
Have a glimpse of your favorite poems, quotes or scenes of a movie.

OK, What does this device do? 

Let me briefly explain.

  1. At first, You have to convert a video or texts into a suitable format by using 
  2. Copy the downloaded files (`offsets.bin` and `images.bin`) onto a microSD card.  (then insert the microSD to SHIHEN)
  3. SHIHEN hourly wakes up and shows frames one by one. 
  4. Sometimes you may find your best-loved scene/quote on SHIHEN.
  5. (It's also possible to fast forward the frames manually by pressing the switch.)


  • On board RTC offers 2+ years of battery life.(in theory)
  • By using a dedicated Web-based converter, you can quickly show any texts and videos on the device.
  • The 3D printable enclosure (written in OpenSCAD)


  • ESP8266 (ESP-12F)
  • Waveshare 2.9 inch e-Paper (296x128) 
  • RTC PCF8563 (or TLP5110) 
  • microSD (or 3MiB internal flash) 
  • Your favorite poems, quotes or scenes of a movie.

(What does "SHIHEN" stand for? - It comes from a Japanese word "しへん", which has two different meanings; "紙片" means "a piece of paper"; "詩片" means "a piece of poetry".)

(Fast-forward mode at x1 speed.)

Zip Archive - 169.79 kB - 10/20/2019 at 08:33



stl-binary - 286.56 kB - 10/20/2019 at 08:33



Graphics Interchange Format - 1.51 MB - 10/20/2019 at 12:52


  • 1 × ESP-12F (ESP8266 module)
  • 1 × Waveshare 2.9 inch e-Paper (296x128)
  • 1 × PCF8563 (or TPL5110) Clock and Timer ICs / Real-Time Clocks
  • 1 × 350mA LiPo Battery

  • [UPDATE] Have released the codes, gerber files, etc.

    likeablob10/20/2019 at 08:24 0 comments

    I've finally uploaded the source code, KiCad project files and OpenSCAD model file to a GitHub repo.

    Here is the directory structure:

    • pio/ : The source code for the firmware. It's a PlatformIO project and built on top of esp8266/Arduino.
    • kicad/: The PCB design and zipped gerber files. 
    • openscad/:  The 3D model files, namely the OpenSCAD file and its STL file.

    Also the source code of the SHIHEN Web UI  ( is available on another repository:

    The site is mainly based on Nuxt.js and Vuetify framework.  And thanks to modern browsers, HTML5 and NPM ecosystem, all the work (e.g. Extracting video frames as images. Dithering images. Generating embedded-friendly binary blobs) is done in the frontend.

    In other words, here Zeit Now is used as just a static hosting.

    Hand soldering 0.5mm pitched connectors feels like, ... Zen.

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