MCH mount. Episode 3

A project log for Reflow micro table

Micro table to reflow small boards.

VitalyVitaly 11/20/2019 at 17:360 Comments

Finally achieved very good results: MCH top 260C, bottom mount points 45C (screw heads), PCB almost cold. Only 10mm space between PCB and MCH. That's a win :). See photos and read details below.


Idea is very simple - take 2 thin SS screws, sharpen ends and mount to PCB with 2 nuts from both sides.

Screw sharpening can be done with screwdriver and hand grinder:

If your screwdriver has axial oscillations, cone will be not symmetric, but that's not principal.

What is important:

After all, assembled device can work many hours (was tested!), and keep PCB slightly warm. The most hot points are screw heads, and those are only 45C.

What's next

Finally, i have working solution to move forward:

But in real device I plan to use M1.6 screws (almost twice less section than M2) and check additional things:

Now, time to route PCB :). All details will be at