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jasper cusieljasper cusiel 10/22/2019 at 22:282 Comments

Looking into stepper motors on Stepperonline and am following Skyentifics parts list. Find him on Github here

Here he is using low amperage steppers which have high holding torques. At first I was confused as when looking on stepper online I came across stepper motors rated at 2 Amps where as he was using steppers with in the range of 0.5 amps to 1 amp with the same holding torque. So I contacted the customer support and the friendly guy explained that inside the stepper motor with the lower amperage had bigger stator coils that required less amperage to produce the same holding torque. He also mentioned the lower amp stepper would run cooler which would be better for my application as PLA ( 3d printer filament ) starts to soften at around 60 degrees celsius. Below is a picture of a stepper motor internals to help you understand where the stator coils are.


Chris wrote 08/11/2020 at 16:23 point

I found a motor website which is a motor manufacturer with better prices. I have purchased and used it, the motor is very good and worth recommending.

Stepper Motors List:

Nema 8 (8HT13S4060) 33mm, motiongoo, 4mm shaft, 1pcs unit               (14.25)

Nema 11 (11HT12S4067)31mm, motiongoo, 5mm shaft, 2pcs unit                (20.78)

Nema 17 (17HT19S4085)48mm, motiongoo, 5mm shaft, 1pcs unit              (9.24)

Nema 23 (23HT30S4280V1)76mm, motiongoo, 6mm shaft, 2pcs unit       (35.84)

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Carter Brown wrote 12/04/2020 at 01:40 point

Very nice, and thank you, Chris. Motiongoo is a not bad stepper motor manufacturer.

Already purchased.  (~_~)

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