Day 2 Experience (26/10/19)

A project log for A beginner's attempt at Arduino

Do wish me luck!

hazim-azmiHazim Azmi 12/12/2019 at 11:340 Comments

Day 2 Experience (26/10/19)

I am currently working with Yun, a fellow student learning how to use Arduino

The 4th Project gave us some difficulties as we followed the instructions from the book step by step, but we forgot how phototransistors work. Our circuit board was not functional as the current wasn’t flowing due to the one directional behaviour of the component. It took us 10 minutes to figure out why.

The next project we made taught us how the Arduino can be coded into a controller of some sort. The project uses servo motor, something I have never used before. My board caused some problems as it was still using the recording codes from the previous project, causing the motor to move in a crazy way. I had to recode it and rewire the board as it was not connected properly.

I’ve also learned how to get around the breadboard, which I have only used once for my  experiment in my 2nd year.