Quantity   Component name
1 × Custom PCB The main printed circuit board. It has all the parts labeled and a parts list on the front. It was specifically designed for easy soldering of both the surface mount and through hole parts.
1 × Coin Cell Battery The Spark will run for nearly 48 hours straight on a single 2032 battery.
1 × 3.5 mm Jack Used for two player games!
1 × Battery Holder A 2032 coin cell battery holder.
1 × OLED Display 48 x 64 Pixel white on black illuminated display
1 × LCD Ribbon Cable Clamp and Screws The LCD Ribbon Cable is very difficult to solder so instead a custom clamp is supplied.
13 × Capacitors Various capacitors that are explained in the manual.
18 × Resistors Various resistors that are explained in the manual.
1 × N-Channel MOSFET Used for power control
7 × Tactile Button Used for the game controls and reset
1 × Arduino Compatible Mico-controller Specifically an ATMEGA32U4
1 × Piezo Buzzer / Speaker Used for in-game audio
1 × Mini-USB Jack Used for programming the processor