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A project log for EPDiy: 9.7"/6" E-Paper controller

I always wanted a large, affordable E-Ink screen to play around with. This board talks to cheap E-Reader replacement screens with an ESP32.

valentinValentin 04/22/2020 at 12:080 Comments

Now that my v2 PCBs have arrived and I have assembled a test board, it turns out most of the work is actually software. But first: This is how the new version looks like:

As you can see, the new version is much more compact. Additionally, there is now one component on the back side: The connector for the ED060SC4 is optional, to be populated if needed. Currently there is no software support for it, but I'll fix that in the following days.

Actually, writing the software driver is taking a lot more time than I anticipated. Part really was just experimenting, figuring out the functional details of the ePaper screen and familiarizing with the ESP32.
Another one was rewriting all my display routines to use buffers with 4bit per pixel (instead of 8), for better memory efficiency and faster display (which is still somewhat bound by memory speed).

But I also wanted to make sure the board is actually usable by others, which is why I am currently working on re-structuring and documenting the driver. You can get a preview of the displays' capabilities here: Or watch the updated demo video :)