A New Revision

A project log for EPDiy: 9.7"/6" E-Paper controller

I always wanted a large, affordable E-Ink screen to play around with. This board talks to cheap E-Reader replacement screens with an ESP32.

ValentinValentin 10/29/2020 at 11:590 Comments

First, let me say thank you for all the contributions and suggestions which where contributed to the project GitHub Repository. It is great to see that this project sparks your interest and to learn about ways to improve it even further!

Based on this, a new revision of the board where developed (Actually there where two "Revisions" since the last project log, so this latest one is called "V4"). The main focus here was to be more power-efficient to enable battery-powered applications. To achieve that, two LT1945 converters are used to derive the necessary voltages instead of using additional linear regulators. This comes at the cost of more parts overall, however, the LT1945 chips are available cheaply from AliExpress and most additional parts are basic parts which should be available at many chap SMT assembly services. Additionally, a less power-hungry LDO is used to power the ESP32.

So overall, the improvements over revision V2 include:

The PCB and updated firmware library are now available on GitHub!