Quantity   Component name
1 × Hittite HMC431LP4E 5.5-6.1 GHz GaAs/InGaP HBT MMIC VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) with internal output buffer
1 × Hittite HMC717LP3E 4.8-6.0 GHz GaAs PHEMT MMIC LNA (Low-Noise Amplifier)
1 × Hittite HMC219AMS8 4.5-9.0 GHz GaAs MMIC double-balanced mixer
3 × Hittite HMC476MP86 0-6.0 GHz SiGe HBT MMIC gain block (amplifier)
3 × Molex 0732511150 50 ohm SMA socket, board edge end-launch style to suit 1.6mm PCB, specified up to 18 GHz.
3 × Susumu PAT1220-C-3DB-T5 Susumu 0805 PAT series 50-ohm pi attenuators, specified up to 10 GHz. I will tweak actual values later.
30 × Assorted capacitors, resistors, a couple of LEDs, 3.0V LDO and a couple small FETs.
4 × Several assorted opamps - LM358, MCP6001, OPA2228s, MAX477 Various functions - IF video amplification, triangle-wave oscillator, DAC output gain, active filters
1 × Microchip MCP4921 SPI 12-bit DAC for VCO modulation waveform synthesis - arbitrary function.