1.Here is the circuit diagram.

2.All the components we need.

3.Screenshot of some steps.


Product list:

LM3886 http://bit.ly/2MVirWB

Capacitor 1000uF/50V http://bit.ly/2YWzOg7

Resistor 22K  http://bit.ly/2soUICX

Resistor 1K    http://bit.ly/2XXF9R3

Resistor 10R/1W   http://bit.ly/2YCBWWn

Resistor 2R7/1W http://bit.ly/2ZV2SSC

Capacitor 100nF  http://bit.ly/2G46ZEd

Capacitor 2.2uF (4.7uF) non polar http://bit.ly/2Rpa0q0

Capacitor 47uF non polar https://amzn.to/2GZePPE

Download all file here: http://bit.ly/2ORN0PB

More detail, pls check the video on Youtube: