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    David Brown10/29/2019 at 23:55 0 comments

    This is a mostly finished project. At its core is a generic watchmakers lathe, my uinversal ATTINY816 board to connect the interface and run the motor drivers.

    The spindle drive is a HSS86 from ebay and the lead screw drive is sub $10 stepper controller, from similar source.

    Controls are basic switches, a 4 digit BCD encoder (pitch; 9.999mm to 0.001mm per revolution) soldered to a 74HCT165N shift register, and precision multiturn variable resistor (I ran out of IO for an encoder for spindle speed). A switch acts as the feed engage, and there is logic to prevent undesirable operation at power up and when running at high speed. For example running high speed in reverse is prevented, as this stop the chuck from un-spinning when stopped.

    Code is reasonably well annotated, so I wont be repeating any of it here.

    All boxed up;

    The control panel;

    Sitting on the cover / stand;

    Detail of hybrid drive and feed stepper;


    And the logic / controls;