MIDI IN CPC SID + AY Synthesizer - First Version

A project log for Speak&SID CPC

A Speech Synthesizer, SID Soundcard, and MIDI IN Realtime SID+AY Synthesizer for the Amstrad CPC!

Michael WesselMichael Wessel 12/05/2019 at 15:190 Comments

Here is a first cut at the MIDI IN CPC SID + AY synthesizer - the SID and AY soundchip are slightly detuned from each other, for a strange reason I have not figured out yet. Maybe an ARMSID artifiact? Will try with my real 6581. Also, SID play is currenlty only 1 channel, whereas the MIDI synth uses AY 3-8912 all 3 channels. Stay tuned! Next I will add filter cutoff and resonance for the SID via CPC keyboard keys or MIDI controls. Apologies for poor keyboard playing, I play the guitar usually.