Face Recognition & ArUco markers

A project log for Animabot - Advanced Hexapod Robot

Animabot is a 3D printed hexapod robot created to be a daily life companion to interact with people and its environment.

Anim4botAnim4bot 10/28/2020 at 13:230 Comments

Been a while this the last log, I let aside the development of the Kinematic to work a bit on the RaspberryPi side. So far I could install everything I needed and tested one of the main feature of the robot: Face recognition and tracking.

I used the standard OpenCV library for face tracking and recognition (haar cascade). This work very well, I'm able to recognize different faces and track the x,y position regarding the center of the camera's image. I also discovered the ArUco markers for augmented reality, I'm planning to use them for the docking station and some other features like cube toy for Animabot.

The framerate is not as high as expected but this will do for the moment. The next step is to transmit all this to the motherboard, let's see how it goes :D