MAGTROL Dynamometer control

New life for an old Magtrol Dynamometer! Create a controller card and run software tasks.

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I came across an old Magtrol brake - but without a control card. Since I'm mainly concerned with applicators for motor control, it was obvious to bring this brake back to life. For this I have designed a control card based on a TI F28035 controller. From the 3D printer accessory, I chose a RepRap 2004 display to show the braking power, the speed and the torque.

First, the brake documentation had to be procured and spotted - a Magtrol HD 510 - 8NA. The brake provides a TTL output for speed detection and measuring bridge outputs for torque detection. A small half-bridge circuit with active freewheel provides the braking energy. Likewise, the excitation current is measured and monitored. The brake requires various voltages such as +/- 24V, +/- 12V and 5V. Among other things, these are provided by a buck converter TPS5410 and DC / DC power supplies IA24xx. Things such as reverse polarity protection of the patch cord or a fuse link can also be taken into account, as well as I2C port expansion and level conversion for connecting a RepRap 2004 display.

  • 1 × Texas Instruments TMS320F28035 C2000 DSP Microcontroller
  • 1 × FTDI 2232HL dual channel debugger (JTAG and UART)
  • 1 × TPS5410 Power Management ICs / Switching Regulators and Controllers
  • 1 × TXB0106 Interface and IO ICs / Other Interface ICs
  • 1 × PCA9554 Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / IO Controllers

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