S_Drive - small BLDC driver

S_Drive is small bldc driver based on L6234 Three phase motor driver.

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After seeing alot of compliant robotic arms and quadrupeds lately i decided i want to build something with compliant joints too. To do that i need to build quasi-direct drive .Motors ,encoders and gearboxes are no problem to find and assemble and that they are relatively cheap. On the other hand there are not many open source bldc drivers that can do what i want to do and on top of that ones that can are really expensive.That is why i decided to build my own driver . I used really cheap solutions , like L6234 Three phase motor driver that is usually used in gimbals and dvd drives. It can output only 5A , but that is not a huge problem because we will use gimbal BLDCs for

3rd version of board has these features:

  • FOC control
  • Small size of 50x41 mm
  • 40 KHz switching
  • 40V input 
  • 5A Max output
  • Current sensing
  • BEMF sensing
  • AS5040 Build in AS5040 10 bit encoder
  • Mosfet temp shutdown
  • Extra EEPROM memory
  • 2 Mhz UART comms
  • Status LEDs
  • Motor temperature mesure ( Not yet implemented)
  • RS485 comms ( Not yet implemented )
  • Daisy chain multiple boards ( Not yet implemented)

Best way to demonstrate what this drive can do is thru videos so check ones below :D

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