CC3200 breakout - alternative to esp8266?

I'm looking for a more professional version of the esp8266 and recently found a CC3200 Wifi module on Aliexpress

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I've been working with controllers from TI (C2000 and MSP430) for a while and recently found a CC3200 Wifi module on Aliexpress for about 8euro and wanted to get it up and running. Had an older CC2650 Launchpad with XDS110 debugger and a FTDI232 lying around and was able to flash various examples of the CC3200SDK_1.3.0

The controller and the SDK provide an RTOS and real time debugger via JTAG. The controller is based on a powerful ARM Cortex M4 (80MHz) and very good development environment with the TI Code Composer Studio (Eclipse based).

I would be interested to know what others say about it and whether it is worthwhile to continue the project / create breakout boards on size of the ESP8266?

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